Friday, September 10, 2010

Women's Worlds concludes with two great performances

Congratulations to Martine and Ohenewa today for outstanding performances. They both wrestled solid tournaments and really ended this years Worlds with a bang. Martine won the Gold medal again this year with four straight wins, while Ohenewa went 4-1 losing a hard fought final. This entry will be brief as we are taking a team photo in 10 minutes...

Our team ended the competition in third place narrowly behind host Russia, and Japan had a great rebound from their team loss to Azerbijian last year, Winning with a very impressive three days of wrestling. I once again this year got to stand on the medal podium (in Russia) thanks to the efforts of my/our wonderful team. Yet why was I still not truely satisfied...? Why does it still hurt a bit...?

Being a coach in wrestling has been one of the VERY MOST rewarding things I could ever imagine doing! Sharing in peoples goals, dreams, trying to assist in their journey... yet that whole process is why this is the worst job too. I stand on the podium at times and wish I could trade places with the ones who never made it (this year)... Dont get me wrong, I am so proud to represent Canadian Wrestling up there! Yet I cant help but think about how ALL the members of my team have beaten people on the podium in this tournament in the last year or two. And how they all deserve to feel that satisfaction at the end of the process, of a medal around their neck! I/we ask alot of them, and they deliver a lot in return. I guess I just want them all to know their efforts are appreciated!

Anyways, gotta run!!!
I will give more details later..

Coach V

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  1. Congrat Leigh to you and all the women!
    I would like to do an interview with Martine live on our new Online Wrestling Radio Talk Show, Inaugural Show on Sept 20 approx 1130pm Montreal time.

    Can you help me broach this with her?


    Greg Edgelow