Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tough day on the mats!

For those of you checking the results back home I am sure it has been a bit of a disheartening day. It has been a real tough day at the office over here, in no uncertain terms. We all know that we have a great team. Today had some very strong moments, yet somehow we sat back just a little more than last year, and maybe didnt quite carry the action to our opponents the way we have (or can). Some of the countries are clearly wrestling very defensive tactictal in their approach. Yet I believe the best countries and athletes here are making things happen. Putting pressure on their opponents that leads to a scoring opportunity (either offensively or defensively).

The margin of victory or defeat is so narrow at times. Being so close makes it even more painful to fall short. I am proud of our team, as always. I will allow myself to feel bad tonight (for them) because I know how much heart they have invested. Yet I know that no one escapes high level sport with out heartache. It unfortunately is part of the process in striving to be your best, and the best...

Everyone of our girls is championship material, and I know missing the podium is very hard on them. Yet I know we can use these experiences to make us better tomorrow, and in the tournaments to come...

Martine has Norway first match with Japan as a likely second opponent (a rematch of the 2008 World Final)
Ohenewa has Azerbijian first, and Spain most likely to follow.

It was super hard to start typing this Blog tonight... My mind was a little cluttered and filled with emotion... But im glad I did.
Stay tuned,

Coach V

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