Monday, September 13, 2010

Final wrap up on the Worlds, On to the Commonwealth Games

Well I have made it back home and had an evening to sleep in my own bed and a long day of travel to reflect on the whole tournament.

I guess the first thing I would like to do is congratulate the Men's team and all those involved in that program for there performance in Russia. They competed with intensity and are truely making progress on the international scene. It is not easy, look at the fact that the USA Men's team were unable to breakthrough. The goal is London in 2012 and beyond that into Rio in 2016, and our Men are definately pushing hard. The breakthroughs are on our doorstep. I know there are alot of critics (or cynics) but you gotta keep the faith.

This little blog had nearly 1700 hits during the Worlds this year. Which goes to show that there are a number of people out there who care about our National Teams. Thanks to those who followed...

It is a short turn around for our teams and we are off to the Commonwealth Games next month in India. I intend to Blog there as well. It will be a much different event than the Worlds in Moscow, yet will be truely special and interesting to say the least.

In early October our teams will be departing for Abu Dhabi to acclimate for a few days prior to heading into Dehli for the Games. Are competition there should be a fun one against the rest of the Commonwealth Nations. While I know our team will be the one to beat in india we need to make sure we carry the right attitude into the games as each weight has good athletes that will be participating. CBC will be broadcasting the action (I am not sure how much wrestling will be on the schedule, yet they are contacting us quite regularily about our team).

I/we also need to spend a good portion of this next month truely evaluating and planning the next two years forward heading into London. We meet face to face with Own The Podium to pitch them on our needs for support (these are measured against all the other sports). We have done a lot of good things over the past season, we need to maintain these, and need improve upon the areas that need focus.

Coming home off of the Worlds it ALWAYS feels like your emotional reserve is empty, but this year it feels like there is no time to relax and recover for me. I have a National Sport leadership conference, Olympic Planning Conference, Own The Podium midquad review, The Commonwealth Games, and the Fisu World Championships all in the next 2 months.

Anyways, Thanks for supporting Canadian Wrestling! If you know someone on the World Team please congratulate and celebrate their performances with them. Being the best needs tonnes of support! I encourage you to get others to follow our great team!

Bye for now...
Coach Vierling

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