Friday, January 8, 2010

Team Canada Testing Results

Just going through some of the test results from our strength testing down at the camp here...
Thought I might shed a little light on the quality of athletes who represent us on our National Team. Ive asked a few of our veterans if I could post their results on here. This will give some of the up and coming athletes out there an idea of how high to set their sights in their off mat training... Not all of these results are indicitative of their personal bests but these are the numbers they put up at this camp after three hard days of training!

Carol Huynh (48kg)
Bench press 115lbs - 2 reps, Pull ups - 27, Hold plank position - 7 minutes, Full sit ups (no feet hold) 33/min
Tonya Verbeek (55kg)
Bench press 135lbs - 7 reps, Pull ups - 11, Hold plank position - 5:14, Full sit ups (no feet hold) 23/min
Justine Bouchard (63kg)
Bench Press 135 - 15 reps, pull ups - 18, Hold plank position - 7:06, Full sit ups (no feet hold) 29/min

Other notable performances:
Erica Wiebe (72kg) Full sit ups - 38/min
Jill Gallays (55kg) Pull ups - 24
Lindsay Rushton (48 kg) Hold full plank - 7 minutes, Full sit ups 35/min
Jazzie Barker (59kg) Bench Press - 135lbs - 6 reps

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