Saturday, January 9, 2010

The camp is over. The last of our Canadian team made our way home today after a solid week of training. The camp has its highs and lows as an athlete, most practices the energy is great and the competition is tough. Its a skill and challenge to be able to make it through every tough practice and as we do it we all grow stronger as wrestlers. We were put through a good last session after having a well needed easy morning practice filled with fun, though horribly played, volleyball game. The evening session consisted of short goes no longer than a minute. Some situations one partner had to score in one minute, then 30 seconds then 20 and 10 seconds. I remember thinking hey if i can do it in a minute (offense or defence) then maybe i can do it for 30, and 20 and 10.. sometimes breaking it down makes the task much easier.
Ive been to many camps around the world and its helped me grow and learn and build the confidence I need to be able to compete. The experience is invaluable and its great that we can have these opportunities to make ourselves better although at the time the challenges may seem hard to overcome. Now that Im home I feel like I accomplished and endured a tough camp. This point in the season is great for expanding your wrestling and learning new things.
Every opportunity is a part of the journey for attaining your goals and Im so proud of our team and all the hard work they've done. There are no shortcuts.

Justine Bouchard

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