Thursday, January 7, 2010

Canadian Team in Colorado

Ive had a request for names of athletes who attended the Winter camp here in Colorado...

48kg: A. McKilligan, C. Huynh,L. Rushton, J. Slinn, R. MacDonald, A. King, J. Mian
51kg: D. Ford, G. Haley, G. Nguyen, V. Brown, J. Parsons
55kg: T. Verbeek, J. Gallays, M. Dick, A. Ross, N. Brady
59kg: J. Barker
63kg: J. Bouchard, A. Kilroy
67kg: M. Buydens, V. Wilson, L. McKibben, A. Leslee
72kg: L. Callahan, E. Wiebe, I. VanVliet

Coaches: L. Vierling, M. Calder, G. Sissauri, D. McGee, M. Reid

Finished up 5-6 matches today! Pretty solid effort all around...

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