Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Moscow time... Canada's Senior Team set to depart for the 2010 Worlds

Well its the day before our long trek around the World to Russia. I'm sitting in a coffee shop (on my second cup) trying to finish off all the last minute stuff. I had quite a bit of positive feedback from friends, family, and fans in the wrestling community after last years Worlds in Denmark about this blog. So I will again attempt to deliver an insiders view of this years Senior World Championships!

First and formost I will attempt to focus on our team and ensuring all of the things we need to make happen in Moscow, actually do. Following the completion of those things I will attempt daily to write about our experiences in Russia. I will spend a bit of time later in the day updating the blog with the World Championships site address. Also for all the diehard fans out there, Fila has announced that this will be the first Worlds in which every match will be broadcast in real time! So maybe this blog wont be needed in the end...

I am glad to do everything I can to support the great people on our National Team competing for our country on the World stage. If this blog even in the smallest way helps to draw awareness and support to our team then I am glad to take the time to do it!

All for now!

Coach Vierling

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