Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Congrats to Wiebe, Mian and Jarvis tonight! Three medal night in Scotland!

It was a good day at the Scottish Exhibition Center in Glasgow! Three medals in wrestling tonight at the first night of commonwealth wrestling competition.

Our Nations "Heavyweights" proved to be the very best in the commonwealth for the second straight games. In Delhi it was Akuffo and Bhullar winning gold medals. Here in Glasgow it was Erica Wiebe at 75kg, and Korey Jarvis's at 125kg night to shine. I could not think of two more deserving gold medalists! Also reaching the podium tonight was Jasmine Mian with a bronze medal! I think all three of these athletes are a testament to hard work and the perseverance it takes to be a top level wrestler. I hope all the fans at Wrestling Canada can appreciate the efforts they put forth and appreciate the passion and pride the show on the mat in this crazy/great sport! Chris Laverick also competed today and lost his opening but to Nigeria. The Nigerian competed well, yet lost to eventual champion (and former world champion) Sushil Kumar of India so Chris was eliminated from further competition. 

I am not going not go into lots of detail tonight, as we have 6 athletes tomorrow and it has already been a full day and a busy enough evening. Six canadians take to the mats tomorrow to keep this medal haul going.
53 kg Jillian Gallays has Nigeria
58kg Braxton Papadopoulos has Great Britain
69kg Dori Yeats has Scotland
61kg Mike Asselstine has Scotland
61kg David Trembley has Malta
96kg Arjan Gill has Northern Ireland
I am very excited to see this group build on the successes we had today on the mat.
Congrats again to Erica, Jasmine and Korey! They are truly great wrestlers and amazing people.
PLEASE google the number of articles chronicling their day and their accomplishments here in Glasgow! They were all interviewed and numerous great photos were taken! I am so proud to be coaching such fine athletes!

Good night from Glasgow!
Take two tomorrow!
Go Canada...

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