Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weigh in day from London

Good morning from London...
Sorry for not blogging yesterday but it was a busy day. I went to bed at a decent hour for once to try and make sure I will have the energy I need for the next few days.
We left Welbeck yesterday morning around 11:30. the Canadian Olympic Committee had a bus pick up our team and drive us back into London to the performance center at the Nido building once again.
The men's team will be two days behind us.

We then skipped over to the olympic village to get our coaches and medical staffs accreditation activated. of course we had an issue getting Calders and Ricks going.

At the Nido centre our athletes got set up and The girls Got going with an evening workout.  Canadian Wrestling has taken over the lounge of the 30ith floor (with the Olympic committees help), we have created "club lutte" our own exclusive fitness and treatment centre. We have a sauna, bike, scale and treatment table set up... It is great! Last night our girls team was watching the amazing soccer game in there! Carol was watching from the sauna, and the bike! Others were getting treated it was a perfect way to watch the game. Congrats to that team that played their heart out, falling just short...

Today will be a busy day as well. We have weigh in for Carol and Martine at 4pm. I am going to jump on the underground and make my way to the Excel center early, to ensure everything is fine with our final team entry. I will also check us into the hotel Custom House connected to the Excel Centre. Our athletes will stay there tonight and will not have to worry about hour long transfers back after weigh in, or to the tourney in the morning. We have two rooms for our team to stay in prior to weigh in, and on breaks through the day. Hopefully every detail is in place for tomorrow and the days to follow. Tonya will head over to excel in the early afternoon with Marty and Michelle for a final mat workout, Leah had her final mat session yesterday morning...

We have done a lot of work, to be where we are as a team. I am looking very forward to our girls getting through weigh in and focussing in on the job at hand tomorrow. I met with Bill Horgarth last night briefly to hear about the ins and out of the competition venue. Bill is volunteering there and has a valuable perspective as a wrestling team leader in the past. I also have an email from Lee Mackay, our lone official in the Olympic games, keeping me abreast of the discussions held among the officials heading into our tournament.

All for now, must hit the tube...
Here's to a smooth day!
Go Canada,

Coach V 

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