Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Huynh and Dugrenier receive their draws

To everyone back home waiting on pins and needle, he first weigh in went off without a hitch. Both of our girls did a great job making weight and are in very good spirits. They are excited to step onto the mat tomorrow!

Carol Huynh drew number 3 and will face Nguyen of Vietnam in her opening bout. 
Martine Dugrenier drew number 7 and will face Icho of Japan in opening bout. 

We are at a hotel immediately adjacent to the Excel center at the moment. Our athletes first order of business is to follow sold nutrition plan to recuperate from the weigh in to. The medical staff "our ATeam" will do a flush and any treatments the athletes need this evening. And finally Paul and I are here to do some video review this evening. We have the athletes staying near the venue to be able to relax tonight and tomorrow morning.   

We want the girls to really try and defoccus tonight. They will be ready to dial into the task at hand in the morning. 

All the best from London! 
Go Canada, 
Coach V 

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