Friday, August 10, 2012

Verbeek lands third Olympic Medal!

Well the dust has settled after the Women's competition, and i am just getting ready to run out the door to cheer on Matt Gentry and David Trembley. So this will be short but I will attempt to do a good blog later today.

First and foremost, congrats to our team and Wrestling Canada for another successful Olympics thus far! We have now reached a Gold medal match in each of the last 6 Olympic Games!

The last year has been filled with so many up and downs. An enormous amount of thought and planning went into this Olympic performance and I want all of the supporters to know that getting an Olympic medal does not just happen by accident. This has been such a colaborative effort from Tamara, and Steph at the wrestling office, the coaches, the team leaders, the support staff, and the actual team! We have left no stone unturned on the road from Beijing to London.

I want to give my heart felt thanks to Graham Barton and Anne Merklinger (Jon Kolb, and others) from Own the podium for their tremendous support.  My team has received World Class Programming, and top notch medical support that really enabled them to perform here.

Also The Canadian Olympic Committee (Julie Healey, Derek Covington, and many others) have also been available to me at every turn in planning the logistics of our London Games. They have done an amazing job in supporting our staging and other needs here in London as they did in Beijing! Their support has made a huge difference for our Canadian Athletes! We feel very priviledged to be treated so well as part of the Canadian Olympic Team!  

I am going to leave you with an email I just received from Mick Watt The director of Welbeck College. The school where we staged in our final preparations. His efforts were also very important as the final stages of our olympic plan played out. He was so positive and worked hard to get us everything we needed in Loughborough!

Dear All,

I would like to start this email by thanking you all so very much for your support and assistance to the Welbeck ”ethos” whilst you stayed with us. I have now been in this role for nearly 3 years and thus far I am yet to meet a nicer bunch of people with such a positive, friendly and good natured disposition as exemplified by your athletes, coaches and support staff. You have been, and I would imagine will be some time to come yet, the talk of the College and the local population!
For me personally it has been an absolute pleasure to have met all of the team and I am now officially hooked on freestyle wrestling! I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all of the athletes competing over the next few days the very best of luck; it was a memorable experience for me to have been fortunate to watch the first day of the ladies competition.
My very best wishes to you all for the future and if anyone is on a European trip either professionally, sporting or vacation then please let me know you would always be made most welcome at the College or indeed a few of the local hostelries or to stay with Louise and I. Thank you for allowing Welbeck to be a part of your team games preparation – we have been honoured to have you stay with us. Thank you.
Kind regards,

I need to get running...
Wanted to make sure to thank all those whom have made our athletes dreams a reality!
Go Gentry, Go Tremblay!
Go Canada...

Coach V

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