Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Exhausted and satisfied... (somewhat)

It is almost 1 am and I have just gotten back to the Nido center after the finals. We did video analysis with the athletes at our Custom House hotel (which is quickly turning into the place to be for Canada wrestling). One celebratory drink with the Huynh Family, a long glitch in doping all delayed the long trip on the train back here. I realized at 10:30 that I had not eaten in 10 hours and also grabbed a quick bite.

I will be very brief and asked Erica Wiebe to once again fill in the blanks, as she went with Carol tonight as she got whisked away to media following her bronze medal...

I am happy that our girls both reached medal matches today, yet not happy. All of those who cheered in the excel today and watched back home thank you for your great support. It breaks my heart for Martine to not reach the podium today... I know she wanted it so badly. I don't have the energy or desire to analyze the matches tonight... but I will say what i do know. Our team is filled with true competitors!

Congrats to Carol for another Olympic medal and making us all so proud and look so good!
I need to get some sleep because I AM super excited to see Tonya and Leah battle toward the top of the podium tomorrow...

Tonya's first match is Geeta of India...
While Leah has Mongolia Ochirbat Buurma...

I am going to pass over to Erica and say good night... (and Go Canada)


Oh Hello! Well it's 1:15 in the am here in London and I'm still slightly fired up from the days events.. so alas Leigh roped me into writing this blog. As Leigh said I got whisked away with royalty this evening and watched a real pro at work. On the mats Carol is a fierce competitor but as anyone who watched the medal presentation or has had any contact with Carol whatsoever knows; she's really just a down to earth, slightly nerd, ridiculously cute Asian sensation.

So Carol rocked today, won a medal, hugged all the coaches and support staff, peed in a cup, and then got shuffled into a cool car to be brought to the media centre. It was a long, rough day and this isn't the Olympic organizers first rodeo.. they really know what athletes want and so as soon as we got in the car they asked what we wanted to eat! Guy our media guru suggested McDonalds because surprise surprise it's the go-to post-competition meal for all the athletes here. (Yes I envision a future McD's commercial too!) Anyways, we were conservative and each got cheeseburgers and fries.. I promise.

Unfortunately there was no time to eat our McDonalds because as we walked in the door, Carol got brought right into the studio to do an interview with RDS, the french sports channel then next thing you know she was seated next to Brian Williams discussing her husbands lucky charms. It was a whirlwind evening and for me, it was truly amazing to sit behind the scenes and watch it all go down.

A question that kept getting brought up was, "Carol's medals in Beijing and now here.. Is Rio on the mind". I'm not sure how seriously Carol has thought about the 2016 Games but what she did say was that, she still loves this sport and at this point she still wants to keep doing what she loves... And Amen to that!

Goodnight for now. Thank-you for reading. And sorry for the run on sentences :)

PS. Thank God for Blue Balls! Right Carol!??!

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