Tuesday, July 24, 2012

London Olympic Team Depart TODAY!

All nine members of our 2012 Canadian Olympic Wrestling Team depart for London this evening!
I have a hard time believing four years have already flown by since Beijing (or eight from Athens for that matter)! Although i'm sure all our athletes would tell you the wait has been excruciating to this point. From the moment these athletes stepped off of the mat in December at the Olympic Trials, nearly every thought and action has been foccussed on the few weeks now right ahead of us.

This will be my first entry in the upcoming weeks which should be very exciting! I'll do my best to provide an accounting of the sights, sounds, and feelings heading into these Olympic Games. I can tell you the members of TEAM CANADA have worked extremely hard and are striving for amazing performances in London! I hope everyone in the wrestling community is excited and ready to support our team!

Chris Stefopulos, one of our fearless team leaders, has already arrived in London and is prepared to meet two major waves as our team arrives. Our first group (athletes, myself, Ragusa, Dawson) will arrive London July 26th in the AM. The rest of our TEAM (Coaches, Medical, Training partners, and additional support arrive on July 28th.

A quick overview of our Olympic Team Schedule is below.

July 23rd Team Leader Departs
July 25th Competitors depart with three staff
July 26th Arrive London, Olympic outfitting, Set up in Olympic village
July 27th Opening Ceremonies (9 Athletes)
July 28th Arrival of remaining coaches, medical staff, and training partners
                Olympic Team Press Conference, Relocate to Wellbeck Military College
July 29th - August 5th Training and preparations in Wellbeck
August 6th Womens Team relocates to London
August 7th Weigh Ins (Huynh, Dugrenier)
August 8th Olympic Competition (48kg, 63kg), Weigh Ins (Verbeek, Callahan)
August 9th Olympic Competition (55kg, 72kg), Weigh In (Tremblay, Gentry)
August 10th Olympic Competition (M55kg, 74kg), Weigh In (Bhullar)
August 11th Olympic Competition (120kg), Weigh In (Garsia, Pliev)
August 12th Olympic Competition (66kg, 96kg), Closing Ceremonies

I have already heard from a number of friends and Canadians who will be making the trip to London to watch! It promises to be an amazing time...
It is now almost 1am here in Calgary and I hope that is enough to wet your Olympic appetite. More to come.

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