Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On the road again... Destination Florida!

Congratulations to all of our athletes who were successful this past weekend in St. Catherines at the National Championships. All of those who didn't quite meet your goals, I would like to say look at Ryan Weicker, the guy wrestled like a champion and has carried himself like one, even on those occasions that he fell just short. A special thank you to Coach Marty Calder and all of his hosting crew for doing a great job with the event. Marty also moved the Nationals forward one week as to not conflict with this weekends Olympic Qualifier in Orlando Florida. I know it was a likely a pain to change a bunch of bookings and arrangements but I really appreciate Marty's commitment to the well being of Canadian Wrestling!

So, I have had a 48 hour visit at home. And am now ready to head out for Orlando. I was so excited to see the location of this qualifier when it was first published. As an athlete having competed in Cali Columbia, I am sure wrestling in Florida will be a nice venue with fewer surprises (although there are always some in our sport). I know our teams are very excited to make things happen and to qualify for London this summer. I was also very excited to hear of USA Wrestlings bid for the 2015 Worlds in Las Vegas (as a side note)!

I will be blogging as possible daily, and will be communicating with our new communications officer, Guy Napert-Frenette, from Florida. I hope everyone back home is excited for the action packed months to follow! Let's hope all our travels start well this week.

Go Canada!

Coach Vierling

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  1. Great to see the team training at Canada Cup!
    Let me know how CLIF BAR / LUNA BAR can support them on their way.