Saturday, September 3, 2011

On your Marks... Get SET!!!

Canadian Team Ready for Istanbul.
A week from today team Canada will arrive in Istanbul for this years instalment of the Senior World Championships. It has been a good summer of training and travel for our national team members. Each athlete has faced great challenges along the way and I hope each of them takes to heart the lessons they have learned along the way. As always I am very excited to attend this amazing tournament. Returning to Istanbul is going to be fantastic, it is a truely great backdrop for this years world championships! The city is amazing and the country has a rich history and appreciation for the sport we all love so much. I have looked at the premilinary entries on the Fila website, and if they are any indication it is going to be a huge worlds (in terms of participation).
As I have for the past few years I plan to try and blog leading into and through the event. Providing fans, friends, and family some of the sights, sounds, and happenings at the biggest event of the year. I have been asked once again to try and cover things from a Team Canada perspective. Hitting the podium as always is our teams goal at this years World Championships. Aside from the glory, on the line is the first 6 spots qualifying for the London Olympic Games next summer. I know many Canadians will be watching eagerly back home, pulling for our team to qualify as many spots as possible!
Please feel free to pass this link around, and to email if you have questions you would like covered on here. Next Saturday we hit the ground in Istanbul!
The Tournament Schedule is as follows:
Sept. 12-14 Greco Roman
Sept. 14th Carol Huynh and Jessie MacDonald
Sept. 15th Tonya Verbeek, Amanda Gerhart, and Justine Bouchard
Sept. 16th Martine Dugrenier, Ohenewa Akuffo, and David Tremblay
Sept. 17th John Pineda, Jeff Adamson, and Hetag Pliev
Sept. 18th Haislan Garcia, Matt Gentry, Arjan Bhullar
All for now...
Coach Vierling

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