Thursday, October 14, 2010

Delhi games end with fourteen medals for Canadian Wresting

As a final Blog on the delhi games I would like to thank all those who followed along and supported from home. I know our athletes appreciate your support.
Our men finished the competition with what I though was a very good showing for wrestling. They competed hard and were very competitive with the best athletes in the tournament. It was a very nice end to the tournament with Arjan Bhullar beating his Indian rival infront of a packed house!

Fourteen medals from wrestling is a significant contrbution to the overall performance of Team Canada at the games. Our entire team put forth a solid effort there and deserve recognition. To the athletes who did not medal this time, I hope the experience was still a great one. I know I will not forget the past two weeks. There are important lessons to take away from delhi and I have no doubt that the athletes who competed there can grow from the experience.

We are two summers out from the Olympic games and simply put, we cant rest on our heels (not for one second). We are at the midpoint in the quadrenial and have the Worlds next summer in Istanbul as the start of London Qualification process.

A special thanks to John Dawson for his work as our team leader at these games.
The months ahead are filled with evaluations, meetings, and Olympic planning. Hopefuly these athletes will get a little rest before diving back into the next season (which has already started).

Bye for now,
Coach Vierling

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