Sunday, September 5, 2010

Worlds start today with Greco

Well the World Championships officially start today with the Greco Competition. I wish I could say that is the reason I couldn't sleep last night and eventually just got up at 4:30 in the morning. The ten hour time change is a bit of a challenge, but to be honest not to bad. I went down stairs and tried to do some reading, yet found my mind wandering, over and over, thinking about the upcoming competition. Today Carol and Jessie will start their way down toward scratch weight. They weigh-in tomorrow afternoon.

We are going over to the competition site today for another light work out. I will stick around after our mat session to catch the start of the competition at 1pm. It is kinda important to get a feel for how things are going to run the day of competition so that we minimize any surprizes. Team Leader Chris Stefanopolis, will also do a dry run and take the morning busses to the competition with the competing athletes. This way we will have an idea how crazy that process might be. If we need to we can also take the metro across the street from our hotel to the venue, it is not too long of a trip. Ive also asked him to check out the hotel across the street from the competition venue and see if there is availability there. As the tournament gets going (i hope our athletes will again find themselves wrestling in medal matches) it may be wiser to just have them relax there closer to the venue. Id prefer them not go though the stress of taking public transportation back and forth from the competition (Ive already explained how fun that can be).

These are all the details I have running through my mind as lay in bed at 4 am. You want to do your best to ensure that nothing important is overlooked. And then I find myself logging onto to watch some more matches of a few of our key opponents. Trying to make sure I/we have a good handle on what to expect on the mats, and elliminate as many surprizes as we can there. Doing a little bit of homework goes a long way at this competition!

Anyways, everyone should be up by now... So I will sign off.
Coach V

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