Monday, September 6, 2010

Killing Time

They say good things come to those who wait... thankfully our wait for the 2010 World Championships begins to end today with weigh-ins for Carol Huynh at 48kg and Jessie MacDonald at 51kg.

As the days here in Moscow start to run together it is nice to see the the light at the end of tunnel approaching! Last year on this blog (for those who remember) I was explaining about some of the silly things we discuss and debate about in the course of a day. Our athletes are usually focussed on about an hour long training session as the highlight, and the rest consists of killing time... Last year's eternal debate over whether texting in the past tense is actually called "I texted you..., or I text you" will rage on for years to come I'm sure. All of us are a year older, but in no way seem a year wiser! The silly debates and discussions continue. Just a few examples the other day we got into an hour long debate on what the actual difference is between a Cappacino and a Latte! If someone actually knows please dont contact me cause I really dont care... haha. Coach Hinds in his drive and desire to uncover truth came back to the Hotel and actually looked it up on the internet, and made sure to copy and email all of us! OMG, are we hurting that much for entertainment...

Then there was Jessie yesterday on the bus excited about a new Personal Best! It wasnt her time for a 10 K run, or a new weights max... it was a new top score on her solitare game! Then Hinds (always thirsting for knowledge) started talking actual "Solitare Strategy" with Jess. Are we not the most interest team you have ever heard of?!

All kidding aside, the spirits of our whole team is pretty great. Our girls seem pretty loose and to be enjoying the process. At 5:30 today our Journey officilly begins. Yesterday to start of the Greco tournament Russia and Iran put on a clinic. Russia had three medals (One gold, two bronze), while Iran had a meer two champions! I could handle a day like that! I am sure everyone of our seven kids here (actually 14 with the men) will give a full accounting of there abilities on the Mat. No matter what the final outcome I do want to say I am proud of the way they have prepared, in all cases over the years to get here. This is another tournament in what has already been some amazing careers. I am excited for tomorrow and our girls chance to step on the mat in Moscow!

The last thing, which I dont do often enough, is thank all the people who are surrounding our team here (and at home)! Honestly our athletes are not working that hard compaired to what they went through training up to this tournament, yet some of our support staff is working tirelessly! Surinder and Rick on the medical side are making sure nothing is missed and treating almost all the members of our team daily to ensure they are in top form. Chris Stefanopolis (Team leader) has most of us in stitches with laughter every day. Tamara, the coaches... the list goes on. Our team is in good hands.
The other day I got a great couple of texts from one of my best friends. Reminding me to take things one step at a time, do what i can do, and stay positive. I really appreciated it! Thanks to all those friends, family, and the wrestling community in general behind us at home...

All for now!

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