Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Carol Huynh and Jessie MacDonalds Draws

Hi all,
First Weigh-in is done. A quick summary...

48kg (25 participants)
Caro'ls first match Sanchez of Spain Dont want to take4 anyone lightly but I think this is an excellent opening match up for Huynh who would be a strong favorite here. Her next match would be winner of Mongolia and Greece (I think the mongolian is most likely). On her side is Hitomi Sakamoto form Japan, that would be a possible quarter final. On the other side of the draw Zhao of China, meets Oorzak of Russia first match. The winner of that will be a strong favorite to make the Finals. Carol has looked really good this week here and seems focussed and ready to compete.

51kg (20 participants)
Jessie's opener is against Bakatyuk of Kazakstan. Those of you who remember the Olympics this was Carol's semi final match there. She is a bit of a funky wrestler at times and definately like to establish tie up positions. Jessie needs to be physical and wrestle from disciplined body position. She definately has the ability to capitalize against the Kazak athlete. Her second match would likely be versus Li of China. A very explosive athlete whom Jessie has split matches with, 1 win and 1 loss, over the past season. Similar to Huynh's weight class at 51kg Japan and Sweden (reigning World Champ meet in a very pivitol first match. Jessie has been working very hard and steadily improving over the last season. She is capable of beating anyone in this weight class.

Matches start at 1pm here. Gallays, Verbeek, and Bouchard all weigh in tomorrow at 5:30-7:00pm.

Going to take a little rest then watch a few matches on our opponents.
I will post more later,

Coach V

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  1. Wish I could be there in person to cheer! But I will live vicariously through the blog (thanks for this Leigh). Good luck to all the ladies. Give my sister (Justine) a huge hug for me!