Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reflections from day two

Rather than just try and relay my thoughts on the camp I have tried to ask a number of people their thoughts and or impressions of the camp thus far... Just to recap the day we had two mat sessions today.

I ran the morning practice at 9:00am, which was foccused on situation drills and some standing scrimmage.
The practice plan included:
20minute partner warm -up
20 minutes of drilling with resistance, (5min individual, 5 min High crotch, 5 min single, 5 min counter wrestling.
20 minutes Groups of 3 Situation drills (offense 30sec, defense 30sec, off 30 sec) Situtions focussed on legs attacks in varied positions. HIGH CROTCH- normal, seated, clinche... SINGLE- normal, Side single (on knees), back side single (on knees).
20 minutes 3 minutes sparring x 3, 48kg-55kg Group 1 59kg-72kg Group 2
15 Minutes Conditioning (5mins-Ropes, 5 minutes Core circuit, 5 minutes strength circuit)
After the practice the coaches sat down to discuss the technical focus we would cover at the afternoon session, based on some of the observations from the situation drills.

The afternoon session at 4:30 included:
20 minutes Group games and warm up
1 hour Split group into two groups 55kg and below went downstairs and did a stregth testing protical with Mac Reid our lead strength and conditioning coordinator with Women's Wrestling
59kg and up on the mats technique session. Focussed on refining our finishing and defense primarily from the high crotch situation... Maintaining good position and refining finishing from the mat. Also counter wrestling and recovering defensive positioning in disadvantaged positions.
1 hour Groups switched

Comments from day Two:

Coach Gia spoke to the group at the end of our rather lengthy evening session and a long day on the mats. "I was very impressed with how focussed our girls were all day. they were very motivated and not afraid to ask questions... I can see why our girls have done so well and why the women's program is getting better."

Coach Calder talked about "how nice it is to come together and have such a constructive camp. Both countries have a lot of their best wrestlers here and we are working well together. I it a very important part of having our athletes succeed in the future."

Megan Buydens "I learned a couple of things today, best of all was a nice trick from Marty... I call it a dirty old man trick but i think it will help me not to get caught in a high crotch situation... i also like this years camp in that we are doing more scrimmage than the last few years, which is what I need to do with this many good partners."

Tonya Verbeek "Its nice to see such a young and promising group of girls here. So keen and excited to learn and better themselves. Its a good time of the year to push your self and face these challenges."

Mac Reid "Physically I think a lot of our girls see the importance of strength and conditioning as it pertains to their wrestling. Alot of the girls i have seen over the years are improving there overall strength. it is nice to have some of the real vets like Verbeek, and Huynh really showing how its done."

Justine Bouchard "this morning I was already super sore... but you come to practice warm up and have to go hard anyways..."

Tomorrow in the Morning we are back on the mats... with a recovery session in the evening...

All our kids are are taking it in stride so far...
More tomorrow...


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