Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mat work outs and killing time...

We had an excellent workout this afternoon on the Mats. Light volume but great intensity, commitment and focus... We broke the work out into three short blocks of drilling. Offense on the feet, Counter offense (directing and reattacking), and straight defense. We then did some short live wrestling 5 x 1 minute. Our girls got a good chance to get there hearts pumpin, release some energy and feel the Denmark air in their lungs. The goal at this point is really getting everyone ready to step out on the mat with no doubts, ready to put 100% into their wrestling. Dont over think things, just go do the things you have already trained to do. Each athlete is a little different but at the end of the day your final few practices arent really about training, they are just about execution and refocusing. If things go great, perfect. If they arent, for what ever reason, you have to move on and realize the performance you put forth on the actual competition day is all we are working toward. Tonya wanted to do more drilling after our scrimmage, so I told her she had 5 additional minutes to drill, no more. She looked great, and at times you gotta haul the athletes off the mat and hold them back a bit.

The spirits of our group has been very good thus far. It is funny how when you are on the road so much together how you like to tease each other, debate things, and at times just drive each other nuts! Tonight we had the dumbest debate possible...We argued for an hour at least about what you call it when you text some one past tense... Do you say "I texted" so and so, or is it I "text" so and so. So far we have three people arguing for each side!!! Man we need to get a life! Even though I know I am right, I feel sorry for those, like Hinds who are so confused!

Other important happenings today... We FINALLY received our teams competition singlets for the Worlds! Each wrestler at the Worlds this year will actually not only have their countries initals on the back of their singlet, but also their last name (kinda like a hockey jersey). The front of the singlets also bear the flag of their country. The girls were super excited to finally get their new singlets delivered by asics. They look great, Thank goodness! This has been a huge headache for Tamara and the team in general! I am glad to see Asics has finally delivered, and everything looks good.

Well anyways, that is all for now. Competition starts tomorrow with our men! To look up results in real time go to the tournament website at
Talking to Justin Abdou today he thinks our guys are excited to get on the mats! The competition actually starts at 1pm which makes it a lot easier for us to watch some of the action! Lets hope for a great start to the week!

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