Sunday, September 20, 2009

1st Morning a treat

Nothing like a european style breakfast to start your day right. The great selection breads, meats, and cheese! Fresh veggies and fruits... I love mornings here. After Todd and I split our beds apart last night it was a good sleep in our small yet comfortable room.
Our set up here in Struer has proven to be better than originally thought. With the morning light came the realization that we are about a stones through from the water and a large marina. There is a grocery store across the parking lot from the hotel, and a great walking mall off of the back entrance to the hotel (very nice). We walked to the work out centre this morning which was about a block and a half from our hotel. The Struer fitness centre is really nice with lots of new cardio equipment, in a new clean building. Todd, Tonya, Justine and I jumped on a bunch of spin bikes and had a little work out this morning while Jessie and Lindsay hoped on the treadmills and went for a run in their gear. The only thing missing was a sauna, however there is a pool in town that has saunas as well. So really everything we need seems to be at our immediate disposal. We are gonna catch the bus this afternoon to get on the Mats.
One thing that is clearly different than North America is the level of activity in town on Sunday. Todd and I went for a big walk around town after our work out and barely saw a soul on the street. Everything is closed and nothing is happening today. The only places open is the gas station and a few pubs.

Our first set of men weighed in this morning. I stand corrected John, Haislan, Khetag (not Saeed) weighed in. John has Japan first match, Haislan has Turkey (but not the Olympic champion), and Khetag has Hungary. We will meet up with the group later and I will ask The men's coaches there thoughts leading into day one... Katie, and Ohenewa arrive later today to join our team ranks. I will post a few pictures later...
Thats all for now.

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