Friday, September 25, 2009

Day three update

Another fairly busy day today. As we get ready for the last session (for us) Martine has battled her way back into the Gold medal match!

At 72kg Ohenewa started off the day with a victory over Greece. A hard fought three round decision. Ohenewa faced Stanka Zlateva of Bulgaria in her second round match. She lost to the defending World Champ 1-0, 1-1. After the match we looked at the draw and thought there was a very good chance that she would get back into the repachage. Unfortunately the athlete from China had a different idea. She defeated Zlateva in three rounds to dash Ohenewa's hope of getting back into the placings.
At 67kg Martine had a full dance card this afternoon. She managed victories versus Mongolia, Azerbijian, Ukraine, and japan to reach the Gold medal match. In the finals she will face the Russian Bartnovskaya. The Russian dodged a scare in the semi finals versus Nigeria. But had an otherwise easy road to the gold. She has a really nice right side high crotch. Yet I have a feeling they will try and wrestle Martine quite passively in hopes of going to a clinche. I might be worng but we will see. I believe Martine will be too much physically for the russian opponent. A few of the wrestlers today have tried to shut her out and too her credit she stayed focussed, didnt get frustrated and kept after it.

We are all a little worn down but we have just one more session to make it through and lets hope it will be a great one for canadian wrestling.

Wish us luck!

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