Friday, September 25, 2009

All done in Herning, Dugrenier does it again!!!

Ok, I must admit I am exhausted right now... It has been a super hectic week yet as our fans and followers know a great one, again. Martine did it, she took it to the Russian in the finals and ended our tournament with a fall, and a world championships gold medal.
Our team tied with japan for second (yet they had two champions, and we had one) so we were officially placed third. Standing on the podium tonight for me was as always a thrill and a moment for me to sit back and reflect on what we have done over the past year.

Obviously at this tournament we had our "World Team" a great group of athletes and proven performers... I am always excited to work with this group but interestingly enough we had about 13 international camps and Tours (for women) this past year. And on every tour whether it was our number 1, 2, or 3 athletes, U24, Junior we had great success! It is so exciting...
This is a moment in time to celebrate...
Im exhausted, and spent, but feel very excited!
Excited for the present, and excited for the future!
All of Canadian Wrestling needs to be proud of our team!
Thanks again to the coaches, the training partners, loved ones, and supporters of our team (and future team) members.
I leave on a bus for the airport at 1:40 am... not much time to decompress or celebrate our victories this week.
Thanks for following and supporting our team... they definately deserve it.
Good night from Denmark...

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