Friday, September 20, 2013

Tough day 2 in Budapest

Well after a night to refocus I will keep this fairly short. Those who watched yesterday witnessed the set backs our girls faced on the mat yesterday. Not our best day...

I will say Braxton appears okay this morning, still hurting, but okay. And our other two girls clearly have heavy hearts with yesterday's outcomes.
I have often said this tournament takes a year off of my life everytime. I am sad for these girls who all put a tonne of blood sweat and tears into this season and these preparations. I am dissappointed with the outcome, but not with the people...

This is another one of those "growing" opportunities, for us all. As a group we need to do better with certain styles of wrestlers, and attacks. The good news is these athlete have had many successes in the past and are VERY capable of success in the future! This will sting for quite some time but hopefully this is not going to be a breaking point.

Alas today is a new day and a fresh start for two great competitors. I'm very excited to see Stacie and Erica compete. We are walking over to the venue in 5 minutes and I am excited for the action to come.

On another note, I'm very proud that Carol Huynh is getting inducted into the fila hall of fame tonight. She has been an incredible athlete and a wonderful person in so many peoples lives. She is an Olympic Champion, 6x World and Olympic Medalist, commonwealth, fisu, and pan am games champion.

Wish us luck today!
Go Canada 

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