Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Men's Freestylers highlight "new" Wrestling rules

Greetings from a very busy lobby at the Danubius Arena Hotel.
I'm actually typing from my cell phone right now as my computer won't seem to connect here. So please forgive my writing (even more than normal).

Well the first couple days have seen no shortage of amazing matches! Everything here has run relatively smoothly from an organizational stand point. The stadium is very impressive and the hosting by Hungary has been fairly seamless.

Talking with Coach McKay tonight we were reflecting on the past two days and discussing the amazing performances put forth so far in the tournament. The Iranian Freestyle team has just been the opitimy of tough tenacious skilled wrestlers match after match. To make it too and through a finals here you MUST be in tremendous physical and mental shape. The styles and diversity of opponents you will face is something you need to prepare for.

Our men's team (in my opinion) competed quite well here and are making strides in the international pool of wrestlers. It is not easy, by any stretch, Clive Llewellyn was commenting to me about the knarled tough physical appearance of so many of the top competitors here. There aren't a lot of "pretty boys" at the top. No shortage of hard work has gone into making these guys the athletes they are. Over the next three years it will be crucial that our men continue to accumulate top level (tough) experience if they want to rise to the top of the international stage...
I know they are already working extremely hard, yet they will need to continue to push themselves to even higher heights!

Our women's team take to the mats today. If the mens competition proves anything it is that we will need score and fight from every position. Many times I watched the fitter athlete come out on top. Recovery and refocusing from match to match will be even more crucial than before.
We need to commit to scoring on our opponents when ever possible there is no more hanging back and hoping for a clinche situation which I believe is better for our sport!
Natasha steps onto the mat today versus a tough Russian opponent (they wrestled in Germany and we lost a close decision there.). Jessica starts with Latvia a match in which she should be a strong favorite. Yet, we can't take anyone for granted here.

I am very excited to see that the waiting is over and once again our girls get the exciting opportunity to step up onto the mats for Canada and see what we are made of.
To those watching at home, keep cheering, our team appreciates your support!

Go Canada!

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