Friday, August 3, 2012

Wrestling Supporters preparing to gather!

Good morning from Welbeck,My appologies for not blogging last evening but a bunch of our coaches and support staff ran downtown for a change of scenery last night. We tried not to 'talk shop" all night, but I believe the general consensus was our whole team (men and women) seem to be getting along very well. The preparations thus far (knock on wood) have been close to optimal. There were a lot of laughs and teasing going on... you can tell these guys have spent a lot of time together over the last four years.

Ive recieved a number of emails in the last 24hours about an event that is going to happen in Calgary to watch the games. With the amount of hits I am getting on this blog I had thought it may be a good opportunity for me to promote groups getting together to watch the coverage back home.

Here is my buddy Ginos email invitation! I would love to see all kinds of friends and supporters at his pub during the Competition.

Hello to all.
Needless to say it's very exciting that the Olympics have arrived once
Especially exciting in our wrestling community is that Leah and Carol
are from Calgary and will be hopefuls for Canada on the 8th and 9th of

Wanting to offer something a little unified, I have pursued a special
approval to open the doors of the Riverstone Pub very early on those
dates. 530AM. (Calgary time). Children will be allowed at the pub
and we will have a simple but tasty buffet breakfast available for
the early birds. Regular menu will be available at 10AM.
As it stands the matches should start by 6am and finish by 1230. I
will fly our flags and set up for an exciting 2 days. Please get up
and come and lets cheer on our girls together. The media will be on
hand so please dress in your favorite red and white colors.

Please forward this to all your contacts. This is for everyone not
just our wrestling world. Hope to see you all for some nerve
racking excitement!!!!


Rivestone Pub
779 Northmount Dr. N.W.
(corner of 14th st. & Northmount Dr. N.W.

PUB. 403 509 1560
Ginos Cell. 403 852 3667

For food preparation RSVP me for breakfast set up.

It looks as if TSN will be showing the majority of the matches and media groups may be attending as well at the Riverstone Pub to take in the atmosphere.

TOO ALL OF THE OTHER COMMUNITIES OUT THERE. If you are planning a similar get together in your area. Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, etc... Please feel free to forward me the details and I will try and post them on here so we ensure the community comes together to support and cheer on our team!!!

I will likely write another blog today regarding the Fila Congress and Hall of fame inductions this evening.

All for now,
Go Canada,
Coach V (

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