Saturday, August 4, 2012

Team Sharpens as tournament approaches

After our second recovery day yesterday our girls hit the mat today for a short but very productive practice. After warming up the girls spent 20 minutes drilling. The execution and energy was very good, and each athlete went through "their" routine with a little direction on specifics from the coaches. The scrimmage volume was 6 minutes today, with the rest to wrestling about three to one. Some great commitment to creating action and very fun scrambles! Martine followed a little different practice plan as set out by Coach Zilberman. 

The rest of the day our girls spent on recovery and regeneration. Our medical staff have been phenominal as usual. We have our own medical clinic set up here and between the Olympians, training partners, and staff at times... they are working full days!!! I really want to acknowledge Surinder Budwal, Rick Tkach, and Mike Nichols for the tireless commitment they have dedicated to our team this last four years. We have nicknamed them "The A Team" for a reason... much deserved! We also have Sindy Martel as an additional medical staff member here and she has been a welcome and valuable part of our team. One other nice thing about todays work out was having the guys there watching and supporting our women. Our men and women really are in full support of one another, and i think equally excited to see each other compete!

Our girls seemed very focussed... The spirits in general was very positive.
It starts with our body positioning and the way we carry ourselves on the mat. Quick and confident, hard and fluid... each athlete has sharpened all the tools they will need at this point. We can score offense, defense, and ground, and give up minimal openings to our opponents on the way.

Wrestling officially starts tomorrow with the Greco Roman competition.
Tomorrow will be our last day in Loughborough at Welbeck. We have a practice at 11 am which will be very individualized to each athlete at this point. If I could bottle these girls and put them on a shelf I would... The work is essentially behind us... they are ready to deal with what ever comes from here...

Keeping an eye on the Olympic coverage today, it was a very exciting day indeed... We cant wait for "our time to come.'
Hope everyone is well at home!

Go Canada...
Coach V


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