Monday, July 30, 2012

Lounging around at the end of a good day.

Greetings from the our team lounge. The end of the day is upon us at Welbeck.
Both teams hit the mat in the morning, Men at 10-11:30, and Women at 11:30-1. Energy was good at both work outs! The girls practice yesterday was comprised of  2 minute and 1 minute goes, finishing with some ground wrestling. Today we worked some short situations (front head lock, individual choice leg attack). Some more 1 minute goes (clinch after each), and some 30 second situations (winning or losing) they finished with some short precise 15 second drills and cooled down! I was very impressed. Our girls looked in general like they shifted up a gear from yesterday... I was happy with both practices, but really happy with today!

At lunch we had a birthday cake for for "the moose" Matt Gentry. Our men and women have gotten along very well the last few days! Lots of laughs...

We took taxis into Loughborough after lunch. Girls hit a shopping mall for an hour and a half, we (ragusa, calder, stefopulos, and i watched more Olympic coverage from a local pub).

After our return to Welbeck our girls decided. They wanted to challenge us to a basketball game.
So... carol, Michelle, tonya, Leah, and Erica took to the court to try and intimidate us... My team consisted of "downtown" Marty Calder, Paul "Spud web" Ragusa, Chris "the macedonian post", Sindy "swish" Martel, and myself (the veemanator)! Now I know our opponents had a number of world and Olympic medals that far exceeded us... I also know that they probably expected us to totally gas and fold the tent, and we really are not suppose to break our teams spirits 9 days before weigh in... But a spirited series of games ensued...

Game one went to the old guys (and Sindy swish)... 12-10 !!!
We were promptly challenged again!
Game two went to the athletes team ... 11-9!!!
So of course we challenged them to a a final rematch upto six!!!
The final game, you would expect the old guys to fold up shop and quit with our old broken joints, but we sucked it up and defeated our eager rivals 6-1 (bragging rights are officially ours)

The short, light work out turned into a 90 Minute extravaganza!!!
The girls were not too happy with the final outcome... I will be walking funny tomorrow..

Tomorrow, our girls team is heading to London in the morning. (1:30 train ride)
The day will include different things for different people. I am hoping to hit Wimbledon and Canada Olympic house!  I think Carol and company are looking at hitting a show.
We will stay tomorrow in London, at the Nido center and come back tomorrow morning resuming
practice just after lunch...

Anyways all for now...
Hope things are great back home,
Coach V

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  1. Great to read about your adventures...looking forward to watching the wrestling action. i may just have to stay awake all's hoping they highlight the wrestling...and show it all!! have fun..