Saturday, October 22, 2011

Women start today

Nothing like an icy cold shower to get you ready for a competition day!
Good morning from Guadalajara. If you have been following the results then you know it has been a frustrating couple of days for the greco guys, and for our women too a bit. Leah callahan failed to make weight yesterday, long story short she was given the call to come her on short notice and making scratch weight is no small feet. She worked incredibly hard and for the last four days, but miss very narrowly. She is devistated, but we all still love her nonetheless.
The rest of our girls weighed in and recieved their draws.

Carol has the winner between ESA and ARG first match. (both Columbia and USA are on the other side of the draw). We are not going to take anyone lightly here. I watch tape on both. The Arg girl had a good match with KAZ at the worlds who is a player for sure.

Tonya has Peru first, this girl was at the Canada Cup camp this year and is quite a defensive solid athlete. So Tonya will have to get after her. She will likely have ECU next, ECU beat Anna Gomis of France at the Worlds this year and won a few matches, she is long and another good athlete. (Usa, Ven, and Brazil are all on the otherside).

Justine has Arg first round. Arg girl lost to USA at the worlds this year. She is a pretty dynamic girl and actually hit some nice attacks on the american. She is a bit all over the place so Justine will have to track her down. Her next match would likely be Cuba. The Cuban girl is a very explosive athlete, she was in a bronze match at the worlds last year and beat Lappage this year at the Cerro Pelado tourney. She is a stud and has an incredibly powerful double. (USA, Col, and Ven are on the other side).

I need to grab a bite then grab the bus, its almost an hour to the competition. The session should be very short this morning. I will blog after lunch with the results.

Wish us luck.
Go Canada!

Coach Vierling

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