Sunday, October 23, 2011

Takahashi Bronze, with two more medal chances tonight

Hi all,
Quick update. The men came out hard this morning and competed fairly well. Jeff started off the morning in tough against the Cuban athlete. He wrestled hard yet, got caught up a few times in an underhook (which the Cubans are famous for). The First round was decided on a zone point. In the second Jeff did a better job anticipating the Cubans pressure yet gave up a take down and turn midway through, he answered back with his own take down late in the round on a low single. It was no surprize the Cuban advanced to the final (vs Herbert of the USA). jeff now has Brazil, a opponent he has defeated for the bronze tonight.
Young Takahashi started out the tournament with a win versus Chile. After giving up the first takedown in the match he picked up the pace and wrestled from a number of positions. He showed good focus and intensity. In the second round, he powered through a beautiful double and planted his opponent on a double flat out of bounds. His next match was versus Blanc of the USA (I almost got a yellow card following the first period which actually leads to a 5000 fine if it happens). he shot in on Blanc and poped him up off of the bottom and looked in great position to finish and score. Blanc sizzored his head and joined his feet to prevent getting scored on for at least 5 seconds. The referre even pointed at the legs but then failed to call the illegal action. Blanc ended up stalemating the action because of it. And then scored late in the second round to win the round. So I walked to the centre of the mat after the first to have a little discussion with him (somehow he did not appreciate what I had to say!). I was furious and pushed it as far as I thought I could. After the match Milina and Touchi told me I was 100% correct in my interpretation of the action. Doesnt matter did not change the fact this guy screwed up! In the second round Blanc scored early, and as Tak tried to work his way back into it he tried a throw and gave up another point and as he tried more and more he left himself open to counter by a far more experienced Blanc. As there were ony three on that side Steven will be awarded the bronze tonight.
At 66kg Lue had a close 3 round match with Taylon Ware! Each round was decided by one sequence. In the first Lue scored and turn Ware twice with a laced ankles. In the second Ware hit a high crotch and after a great scramble finished the attack. In the third no one was able to break through until 10 seconds left in the round. Ware managed to secure the match winning takedown, just when it looked like a clinch was going to be the decider. For Ryan being so competitve with the US number one senior should do nothing but boost his confidence! Unfortunately Ware lost to Cuba next ,match and Ryan is done.
Finally Dinsa, was the most dominant athlete that I saw this morning. He easily dispached the Puerto Rico athlete in 7-0, 7-0 (one take down and gut wrench, hold, gut wrench). Then threw and pinned his next opponent in a over under early in the first round. He will face Tervel Dlagnev in the finals tonight!
I need to run for the bus!!!
Later ,
Go Canada,
Coach Vierling

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