Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another restless night, waiting for action on day two (Important correction)

Cant sleep again with the anticipation of the day. I reread my blog which I wrote last night and i was mortified to see one comment I put.
Under Justine Bouchard I accidently put I was "not confident" when I meant to put her physical style and conditioning lets me be VERY confident in her ability to make it through the days challenges. I appoligize to all her loved ones who probably wanted to beat me! That is the problem with writing after a full day and no proff reader!!!!
The blog has been getting many hits and it is really great to see how much support wrestling has back home! I hope the wrestling community feels tremendous pride in the accomplishments of our great teams. There are many many hours that lead to these excitement filled days!
Anyways, I am going to try and catch a couple more hours of sleep but may have to settle for watching some video. Im pretty wired as usual!
All for now,
Coach Vierling

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  1. Hey Coach. No worries. We, her family, all know you have total, complete confidence in our amazing sister. So much so that I didn't even see the 'NOT' in front while perusing the last post. However, she has three rather large brothers, so bravo for the correction, hahaha! Give our Juicestain some love from her family from all of us back home!