Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Carol Huynh Wins Bronze at the Worlds!

Carol went 4 wins and 1 loss (to the eventual gold medalist). She has now won her third World Championships medal and never placed lower than 5th at the World Championships. I will provide details later. At the moment we are watching some video footage of our opponents tomorrow.

Jill Gallays has China first match

Tonya has Mongolia out of the shutes

Justine has a rematch of her Bronze medal final last year Poland first match

Sorry to leave you hanging on details, but I said my job as coach comes before my job as journalist! Congrats to Carol! It is a beautiful thing to see here smiling on the podium once again!!!

Jessie lost a tough match to Kazakstan who went on to wrestle for a bronze medal...

Again I will follow up later, it is almost 11pm here and I am just getting supper...

Go Canada!

Coach Vierling

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