Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fila News

Well the last few days have been filled with wrestling and wrestling news...
Many of you know that Guelph had put in a bid to host the 2011 Senior World Championships. For those of you who have not officially heard, the Worlds that year has been awared to Istanbul Turkey. Also of Great interest to me was all of the speculation surrounding the Olympic Program for 2012. The current and official word is there will be NO changes to the Olympic Program for London. The current configuration of weight classes 7-7-4 will be maintained with no additional Women's olympic weights... Not the news I was hoping to hear at all, yet honestly not the bigggest of surprizes in hindsight.
I wish I was sharing better news, however I thought I would let those of you reading this blog, know what is being said. If there are any further developments I will be sure to let you know.
Just about to jump on the bus for weigh-in. Linds and Jess were pretty close to weight this morning. I am sure they are not going to complain about the earlier Weigh-in times at this years worlds. Or the late start time for that matter...
Todd and I are bringing ear plugs to the competition today. The stands are medal and when you are sitting watching wrestling the fans stomp and pound on the ground. The iranians fans are deafening! The venue has a pretty intimate feeling. They also have a youth camp happening in conjunction with the worlds. Many of the European teams have brought a bunch of high school aged wrestlers to watch and participate in this camp. I was looking at the training schedule in the Warm up area. Pretty cool many of the top coaches are doing sessions (people like John Smith, etc.). I wouldnt mind sneaking in to watch a session.
There has been no shortage of wrestling space. the training venue has 6 international sized mats, the warm up are has another 4 or 5, and then the competition is being held of 4 mats. Pretty impressive!

Wish us luck today!

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